Frequently asked questions

What countries does Booko work in?
Booko started out as an Australian site, however, it now works in Australia, the UK, the US and New Zealand. Booko converts all the prices into the local currency and calculates postage to the appropriate region.
I have found three books I would like to purchase, that I have added to my list. However, there doesn't seem to be an option to move to check-out?
Please note that Booko is a price comparison tool, not a bookstore. Therefore, you will not be purchasing the books from Booko, but one of the bookstores that Booko searches. Once you've added your books to your list, you can see which online stores sell all of those books, ranked in order of total price (including postage), from cheapest to most expensive. You then click on the name of the bookstore that you wish to purchase the books from. That will take you to the bookstore's website, where you'll have to enter the books into the vendor's cart, check out and complete the purchase.
How do I find out if Booko has mailed a book I ordered? The money has been deducted from my account.
Please note that Booko is a price comparison tool, not a bookstore. Therefore, you have not purchased the book from Booko, but from one of the online bookstores that Booko links to. When you completed the purchase, you should have received a confirmation email from the bookstore in question. That email should include their contact details as well as an estimation of delivery time. If you have accidentally deleted that email, you may be able to find out the name of the bookstore from your account statement.
The shipping cost for a book I want to order doesn’t match what Booko says. Why??
Some stores have a surcharge for unusually bulky/heavy orders. These surcharges don’t get included in Booko results, as they’re not displayed until the final order page before you place the order. Please check the store’s website whether this may be the case. For example: Amazon - surcharges
Why doesn’t my Booko list transfer to the bookstore’s cart?
Unfortunately there are only a few bookstores that allow us to transfer the contents of your Booko list directly to their cart. For all the others, we can do the sums for the Booko list, but you have to add the books to the bookstore cart all over again. It's a nuisance, but one we can't do much about, as it's totally dependent on the bookstores. The way in which you can go around it, is by opening each of the books (from your Booko list) in separate browser tabs / windows (depending on your browser) and then clicking on the desired bookstore links for each book, which will take you to that particular book at that particular bookstore. You still have to add each of the books individually to the bookstore cart, but at least you don't have to search for them first.
How do I find out if a particular store has the book in stock, how many they have or how long they expect to take before dispatching?
The Availability column (second column from the right) will tell you this information, provided Booko can locate it for that book at that store. You should always check the actual bookstore’s website before making the decision to purchase though.
Which DVD zone should I buy?
Different stores will sell DVDs for different zones or regions. If you buy from these stores, make sure your DVD player supports the region, or is zone or region free. You can read more at Wikipedia.
Why do you want my email address and password to log in or register? I want to buy some books but don't want to give my password to anyone? What can I do?
Registering on Booko means we'll keep all your lists and price alerts for you. If you do choose to register, you should use a new password - not one you use somewhere else.
Can you please add store "XYZ" onto Booko?
We’re happy to consider adding new stores, in fact, most of the stores on Booko have been added thanks to suggestions from users. We need to be able to search the site by ISBN and figure out postage. If you have any recommendations for new stores to add, please email us on
What currency conversion rates do you use?
We use Open Exchange Rates for currency conversion.
Can I buy gift vouchers with Booko?
Yes! See here for a list of all the stores you can buy gift vouchers from.

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