Permutation City

The incredible, mind-bending look at cyberspace, afterlife and immortality from one of the greats of science fiction

Cover Art for 9780575082076, Permutation City by Greg Egan
ISBN: 9780575082076
Publisher: Hachette
Published: 7 February, 2008
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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The story of a man with a vision - immortality : for those who can afford it is found in cyberspace. Permutation city is the tale of a man with a vision - how to create immortality - and how that vision becomes something way beyond his control. Encompassing the lives and struggles of an artificial life junkie desperate to save her dying mother, a billionaire banker scarred by a terrible crime, the lovers for whom, in their timeless virtual world, love is not enough - and much more - Permutation city is filled with the sense of wonder.


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