New Century Senior Physics Second Edition

Concepts in Context

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ISBN: 9780195517774
Publisher: Oxford University Press Australia
Published: 24 September, 2004
Format: Book with Other Items
Language: English
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New Century Senior Physics: Concepts in Context 2ed--Student text and CD-ROM meets the global objectives of the new 2007 Queensland Senior Physics syllabus in terms of Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding, Scientific Investigation and Evaluating and Concluding. All 10 key concepts of the syllabus have been developed in varied contexts along with an extensive range of mandatory and elective key ideas. Key Features: A contextual approach throughout--each chapter begins with questions, problems or situations that experienced teachers have found to spark students' interest A familiar format allowing students to quickly find information, whatever the context they may be studying Teachers can develop contexts of their own choosing without restriction to a narrow set of pre-chosen contexts An easy to follow progression through focus questions to the underlying key concepts and ideas Many and varied contextualised questions, problems and puzzles, including traditional closed-response questions as well as open-ended and stimulus-response questions - all essential for understanding 'Novel Challenge' questions - drawn from unfamiliar situations and designed to develop the higher order thinking (HOT) skills End-of-chapter review questions - ranging from simpler practice questions requiring straight-forward use of principles and problem-solving (one and two star difficulty) to more challenging extension questions (three stars) requiring HOT skills A focus on the tentative nature of scientific knowledge where throughout history accidents and serendipity have gone hand-in-hand with scientific investigation An open, 'chatty' writing style that speaks directly to students but with sufficient depth to cover information they will need for tertiary studies in science and other physics-related areas such as engineering, medical science, computing, human movement etc. Gender-balanced contexts using material drawn from boys' and girls' spheres of experience vicon-coded stimulus ideas for experimental and non-experimental investigations suggested by physics teachers throughout the stateOnline Support Visit the authors' Web Page containing on-line worked solutions to the end-of-chapter extension (challenging, complex, novel) questions and the Novel Challenge text-box questions, suggestions for Extended Experimental Investigations and hints to students who are about to undertake them, as well as a host of other resource material useful in developing a school work program. Go to and select the textbook webpage.

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